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1. Player 1 is the Captain of the Team
2. To confirm & complete your registration, please effect payment of registration fees by cash or card (at Strike City Bagatelle), or online via Juice by MCB or MyT Money.

"Pay merchant" or "Scan to pay" from Juice App:

STRIKE CITY / 5474 2674

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Inter-company 2022 Rules and Regulations

1. Each participant (18+ eligible) must fill in the registration form to be eligible for participation in Strike City Inter-company Tournament 2022. This form is available on our website. Team captains are responsible for completing form on behalf of the team.

2. The inter company will take place from the 10th of October to the 3rd of November 2022.

3. The registration fees per team is Rs.3,500. The registration of a team will be effective only after receipt of the registration fee payment.

4. Each Team will consist of 5 players plus one spare player. The team may consist of men, women or can be mixed. Please note that for all women players, a handicap of 40 points will be applied for each game. Note that the designated 5 team players who are starting a match must finish the same match and no players can be swapped during a match.

5. A player is eligible to participate in the inter-company tournament only if he/she is a full time employee with the company participating. If at any point in time during the ournament, a player is suspected to be inegible, the management reserves the right to seek proof of employment. If the proof is deemed as unsatisfactory, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.

6. A the Start of the competition, all teams will be allocated to a specific group through a draw. However, in order to give a fair chance to all teams to qualify for the Phase 2, we will be distributing the top 6 teams (Based on last inter-company scores) evenly. There will be 8 groups of 5 teams in total. (Goup A, B ,C,D, E,F, G, H)

7. Companies having more than 1 team also will be distributed among the groups as well, so that 2 teams of the same company are not in the same group.

8. Scoring: In Phase 1, each team must participate in three rounds of bowling games according to the date and slot time allocated. At each round, the total score of all the 5 team members will be computed to generate the Team Score. At the issue of 3 rounds, accumulated points computed (total team score) shall be compared to each company’s score within the same group. The company with the highest total cummulative score of the 3 rounds will qualify for the second phase of the competition. The Captain must confirm and sign the score at the end of each match before leaving.

9. In the second phase, the 16 qualified teams will then proceed to a knockout stage (determined by a draw), the quarter finals, semi finals & finals respectively. There will also be a match to determine the 3rd place.

10. Ties:
• Phase 1: If there is a tie between the total team score of two teams of the same group at the end of phase 1, the team with the highest team score over 3 rounds will win. See example below:

  1st Round 2nd Round3rd Round Total 
Team A  558 552 620 1700
 Team B 536 644 520 1700

Based on the above, Team B will win over Team A because it has the highest team score of 644 over the 3 rounds. As such, Team B will get qualified for Phase 2.

• Phase 2: If there is a tie during either the knockout, semi-finals, finals or 3rd place match, the following will apply: Each team member will be given one additional throw. (note: a throw is defined as one single ball thrown down the lane & the score will be determined by the number of pins knocked down). Note: The team captain will decide which player will throw 1st, 2nd and so on.

11. Registration and draws for the competition

– Deadline for Registration of all teams is the 4th of October. You can effect any changes before the 4th of October 2022. As a rule, each participant is allowed to be on only one team. Any player not confirmed on a team registration form is not eligible to play on that team during the entire tournament. All names should be pre-registered.

– Draws will be done on Friday 7th of October at Strike city at 18.00. Team captain is requested to be present. Draws will be done to define a team group and which team will face each other as from the round of 16.

12. Day & Time: The tournament will take place on Mondays to Thursdays from 6pm to 9:30pm. Your team will be allocated to a day and slot time in advance. All teams should respect their allocated slots as given by Strike City. A team will not be allowed to re-schedule their game or change their allocated slot. However, Strike City will allow companies to inter-change their day & time slots with each other only during phase 1 of the tournament. In such a case, both parties should agree to the change & a written formal request must be made to Strike City at least two days before the scheduled day.

13. Training sessions: All training sessions on the day of the league should be completed by 3pm. No team will be allowed to train after 3pm on the day of their match.

14. Practice trials & Commencement: On the day of tournament, the match will start 15 minutes after your scheduled time slot. The first 10 minutes will be your practice trials.
E.g. If team A has an allocated time slot of 18:00, they will have practice trials from 18:00 to 18:10. The tournament match will then begin at 18:15 sharp.

15. For the smooth running of the tournament, we kindly request participants to arrive 10 minutes before their allocated time slot in order to have adequate time to register & receive bowling shoes before the start of their practice trials.

16. Late arrivals: A player or players arriving after their team or opponent has started to bowl shall be permitted to join the game, but will be playing only the balance of the game – For example, if a late player arrives and their team or opponents have reached the third frame, he will start his game at the 4th frame only. However, the player is not allowed to join the game if its team member has already started playing the 5th frame. In this case, the bowler will earn 0 points for this respective round.

17. A team intentionally delaying the game to wait for a late player will forfeit the game. League Officers will determine validity of delay concern.

18. If there is any change in players, you are required to contact the organizing committee prior to the start of the competition.

19. Special deals for participants:

All registered participants will benefit from a special bowling rate of Rs.150 for training purposes.
15% discount on F&B menu
(Note: The two above deals will be applicable upon the registration of the team, and will last until the end of the tournament).

20. Registered participants will benefit from 15% discount on bowling and all F&B at Strike city until the end of the tournament, i.e 3rd of November

21. All games will be coordinated/officiated by bowling alley staff in conjunction with Strike City rules & regulations. If you have any questions during league play, please refer to the bowling center staff for further information.

22. Injuries: Please report all injuries to the on-site Supervisor. Basic first-aid supplies will be available.

23. Please be aware that there are inherent risks to participating in any athletic activity. Strike City does not provide medical insurance for the participants. Each player as a result of participation in the Tournament assumes all liability and risk of injury.

24. Behavior: The bowling alley staff have the right to warn or eject any player for inappropriate behaviourat any time. We reserve the right to disqualify any participant or team if a serious breach of rules of misbehaviour is noted. Disqualified teams or participants will not be subject to any refund and may be barred from future competition subscriptions.

25. The Strike City Team reserves the right to reschedule matches but will give proper and adequate notice to participants if this occurs.

We appreciate your interest in Strike City & sincerely hope you and your team have a fantastic experience bowling with us this Competition. Enjoy!

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