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The Team Name should be in the following format: First name of Participant 1/First name of Participant 2 (E.g. Dylan/Rachel)
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1. Player 1 is the Captain of the Team

2. To confirm & complete your registration, please effect payment of registration fees by cash or card (at Strike City Bagatelle), or online via Juice by MCB or MyT Money.
Bank transfer can be done using Internet Banking or Mobile Banking app such as MauBank WithMe, MCB Juice, SBM Mobile etc..
Company Name: Strike City Entertainment Ltd
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Bank Account No.: 102000002370
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League Rules & Regulations

Doubles League (with handicap) 2021

Rules & Regulations

1. Registration: Each participant must fill out & submit the team registration form online to be eligible for participation in Strike City. Team captains are responsible for completing the form for their team. Please be aware that there are inherent risks to participating in any athletic activity. Strike City does not provide medical insurance for the participants. Each player as a result of participation in the Tournament assumes all liability and risk of injury. 

2. Team members: Each Team must consist of 2 players. The team may consist of men, women or can be mixed. 

3. Handicap league: This doubles league is a handicap league. Players will be assigned a handicap number that reflects their skill level and allows them to compete toe-to-toe with even the league’s most skilled bowlers, giving everyone a chance to win the league. The handicap will be determined as follows: 

4. Calculation of a player’s handicap: First, Strike City decides on a standard score against which we calculate each individual’s handicap. This score is determined by taking the average score of the league’s best bowler and setting a higher number. Our standard score will be 200. To calculate a bowler’s handicap we will take their average score (usually based on their scores from the previous season) and subtract it from the standard. A bowler who averages 180 will therefore have a handicap of 20, because our league uses a 90 per cent handicap system. We will be capping the handicap at 90, so no matter your average, you will not get a handicap higher than that. Handicaps will be calculated on a weekly basis, as this is essential to making the game fair and helping everyone have fun, regardless of their skill. Note that if a player has not participated in the previous season, their average score on their 4 games during Week 1 will be taken.

5. Registration fees: The registration fees per team is Rs.500. The registration of a team will be effective only after receipt of the registration fee payment. 

6. Date: The league will begin on the 21st Feb 2020 and will last 6 weeks.

7. Rounds: All teams must participate in a total of 6 rounds over 6 weeks (one round per week). At each round, each player shall play 4 games. At the end of each round, the scores of the two players in a team will be added. Scores will be posted at the bowling reception, our website and social media pages. 

8. Scoring: At the end of the league, the team with the highest accumulated scores over 6 rounds will be crowned Champions of the Doubles League (1st place, 2nd place & 3rd place will be awarded). There will also be a special prize for a) the player with the highest score on a single bowling game & b) the best scratch bowler men & women (the player who has the highest accumulated score over the 6 rounds).

9. Each team will play on different lanes each week. A lanes schedule will be given to each team prior the start of the league. 

10. Deadline for Registration of all Teams is Friday, 12th February 2021. As a rule, each participant is allowed to be in only one team. Any player not confirmed on a team registration form is not eligible to play on that team during the season. All names should be pre-registered. 

11. Day & Time: The league will take place on the following slots per week:
– Sundays: 10:00am – 12:00pm
– Mondays: 6:30pm – 8:30pm (1st slot) & 8:45pm – 10:45pm (2nd slot)
A draw will be done to determine the slots allocation. On the day of the league, participants should arrive at Strike City 10 mins before their allocated slot time, for the practice trials. For e.g. If a bowler’s time slot is Sunday 10am-12pm, he will get a free practice trial from 9:50am-10:00am.

13. Late arrivals: A player or players arriving after their team or opponent has started to bowl shall be permitted to join the game, but will be playing only the balance of the game – For example, if a late player arrives and their team or opponents have reached the third frame, he will start his game at the 4th frame only. However, the player is not allowed to join the game if its team member has already started playing the 5th frame. In this case, the bowler will earn 0 points for this game & is allowed to bowl at the next game only. 

14. A team intentionally delaying the game to wait for a late player will forfeit the game. League Officers will determine validity of delay concern. 

15. No Substitutes: No substitutes will be allowed during the league. Should a registered participant be absent, a replacement player will not be allowed. The other player in the team will play as normal and the absent player will get 0 points for the respective round. 

16. If there is any change in players, you are required to contact the organizing committee prior to the start of the competition. 

17. No Rescheduling: Once a team has been allocated to a slot, rescheduling of the games will not be allowed. 

18. Non-bowlers in bowling area: During a league game, no spectators will be allowed in the bowling area. 

19. Special bowling league rate: The price per bowling game per player will be at Rs.150. Payment should be done on a two-week advance basis. For example, a player would be paying: 
• Week 1: Rs. 1,200 (for week 1 and 2)
• Week 2: Rs. 1,200 (for week 3 & 4)
• Week 3: Rs. 1,200 (for week 5 & 6)

20. Special deals for participants: Registered participants will benefit from a special bowling rate of Rs. 150/game per player for their training sessions & a 15% discount on F&B. until the end of the league.

21. League Matches: All games will be coordinated/officiated by bowling alley staff in conjunction with Strike City rules & Regulations. If you have any questions during league play, please refer to the bowling center staff for further information. However, Strike City relies on all bowlers to exercise the highest standards of sportsmanship at all times. 

22. Injuries: Please report all injuries to the on-site Supervisor. Basic first-aid supplies will be available. 

23. Behavior: The bowling alley staff have the right to warn or eject any player for inappropriate behavior at any time. We reserve the right to disqualify any participant or team if a serious breach of rules of misbehavior is noted. Disqualified teams or participants will not be subject to any refund and may be barred from future competition subscription. 

24. The Strike City Team reserves the right to reschedule matches but will give proper and adequate notice to participants if this occurs. 

We appreciate your interest in the Strike City Bowling League & sincerely hope you and your team have a fantastic experience with us during this Competition. Enjoy! 

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